Wedding & Engagement

Here you can see some albums of highlights from my recent wedding and engagement shoots. If you would like to see more photos from each album then please head over to my blog where you can see a larger selection.

Myself and my second photographer both use the very best digital cameras and therefore my photos are clean, bright and crisp. However I think the look of film photography is timeless and beautiful and so I create my photographs to contain the dreamy pastel colours and beautiful black and whites which are unique to film. My photographs are never ‘forced’ – in my opinion the most beautiful images are always the authentic ones and this is why I shoot in a relaxed, documentary style. I do capture group shots too as I know these are important to look back on in years to come but for the most part I stay out of the way so I can capture the day as it naturally unfolds.

Telling the full story of your day – the laughter, the joy and happy tears, is what I do best. I feel this way of photographing your wedding means you will always remember the day clearly when you look back at the photographs in years to come.

Latest Weddings and Engagements